Harrow Health Centre

General Information

Patient Rights

As an enrolled patient of The Harrow Health Centre Inc.: A Family Health Team you have the right to:

  • Be safe from harm
  • Be treated in a courteous, dignified, and respectful manner
  • Actively participate in care provided
  • Refuse to accept care that you do not want
  • Privacy and confidentiality related to your personal health information
  • Access your personal health information as per legislation
  • Be informed about your treatment, including risks, benefits, and alternative options
  • Reasonable accommodation in accordance with the law

Patient Responsibilities

As an enrolled patient of The Harrow Health Centre Inc.: A Family Health Team you are responsible for:

  • Observing the rules and regulations as set forth by clinic
  • Giving us the information we need so we can contact you
  • Being an active participant in your care planning
  • Giving accurate information about your health, including prescription, non-prescription, and recreational drugs
  • Being reliable in coming to your appointments and letting the clinic know if you have to reschedule/cancel an appointment
  • Bringing forward concerns and suggestions for improvement
  • Conducting yourself in a courteous and respectful manner towards staff and other patients
  • Managing medication as prescribed

Information For Patients

We need the following information kept current/valid:

  • OHIP number
  • Changes in next of kin, telephone, and address information
  • Consent to leave you a detailed voicemail message, if applicable
  • Consent to allow a specific person to access your personal health information, if applicable
  • Power of Attorney, if applicable
  • Substitute Decision Maker, if applicable

We need you to be an active participant in your care planning:

  • Ask questions when you do not understand something
  • Choose and commit to goals as set out in your plan of care
  • Immediately voice any concerns regarding your care
  • Accept responsibility for any choices made that directly affect your health
  • Recognize the possibility of any side effects of accepted treatment and/or the consequences of refusal of treatment


  • We may ask you about the nature of your visit to ensure we book enough time for your appointment. If it’s too personal to say, just let us know
  • Completing forms may take more time than expected. Please let us know if you need to have forms completed by a primary care provider when you book your appointment
  • Come in a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time to sign in
  • Your next appointment may be scheduled before leaving your current one. If requested, the time and date may be written on an appointment card and provided to you as a reminder
  • Every effort is made to schedule your appointment time and date with your availability in mind. If you are unable to keep the appointment scheduled, please let us know as soon as possible and we will attempt to make another date and time work for you.
  • Should you need to cancel an appointment, please call 519-738-2000. Please provide us with 24 hour notice

Prescriptions and Prescription Refills:

  • Renewals can take up to 5 business days to process. Plan accordingly. There are safety checks in place to protect you – they take time
  • If the medication prescribed to you is not affordable please advise your primary care provider before leaving the appointment. They will help you find a suitable alternative
  • If the pharmacy provides you with a blister pack for your medication, you are still required to be seen on a regular basis as directed by your primary care provider
  • Prescription renewals are to be sent by your pharmacy. Simply call your pharmacy of choice and ask that a request be sent to the clinic
  • Exception:Narcotic Renewals will not be renewed by pharmacy request. These renewals require an appointment with your primary care provider
  • Understand that Narcotic renewals will not be renewed over the telephone except under certain circumstances as determined by the primary care provider

Code of Conduct:

  • Patients are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner towards all staff, board members, volunteers, students and other patients
  • Patients are to attend medical appointments unimpaired by alcohol and drugs
  • Patients are expected to respect the physical property and surroundings of the clinic
  • Profane, threatening or abusive language, innuendos, sexual advances, and any other form of verbal interaction that ought to be known to be unwelcome and/or disrespectful will not be tolerated
  • Physical abuse, violence, threats of violence, bullying or intimidating behavior, unwanted or unnecessary physical contact and all other behaviours that ought to be known to be unwelcome and/or disrespectful will not be tolerated
  • Staff will report concerns about a patient’s conduct to the Harrow Health Centre Inc.: A Family Health Team’s management team. If deemed necessary, the patient may be unenrolled as a result of their conduct and asked to find a physician elsewhere

Patient Suggestions/Concerns

Any patient questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions about the Harrow Health Center can be forwarded to the HHC’s Clinical Director.

The Harrow Health Center is proud to be AODA compliant. Any feedback you may have on your accessibility experience with us can also be forwarded to the Clinical Director. You will receive a response back from the clinical director after she has reviewed your submission.

Kim Everett

Clinical Director

519-738-2000 ext. 209